My story

I’m Sigrid and I have always been creative – I love baking, art and making everything around me pretty. It all started at a very young age with me baking very basic cakes and other sweets for Mother’s Day and family gatherings. I enjoyed it and it became a tradition that I was the one baking for special occasions even as a young child.

I still remember seeing the picture of macarons for the first time. I was fascinated – I really loved how cute and colorful these little sweets were. I was obsessed with macarons before I even got the chance to taste them.

I remember buying my first macaron from a local cafe and how disappointed I was – it looked so pretty but tasted awful. I was mad for a long time thinking “How can something so beautiful taste so bad”. Luckily the disappointing experience didn’t stop me from trying out more and more macarons from different places.

After tons of research, I finally tried to bake them myself, and from that moment I have been living in a sweet macarons world – constantly baking and eating them, teaching others how to bake them, conducting macaron classes, making new macaron recipes, and blogging about macarons.

I really hope every macaron lover will find something interesting in my blog!

Sigrid Lauri